Hassan Chowdhury, the Young Entrepreneur Changing the Game


Hassan Chowdhury is only 26 years old, yet his excellent reputation has already made a name for himself in the hotel and private aviation industries. His story began in New York City, where he attended college, earned his degree, and afterward began hosting his events in collaboration with notable nightclubs such as Lavo and Fleur … Read more

New Fragrance House Dreamour Presents Sweet Vinyl


Dreamour, is a fragrance candle company founded during the COVID-19 era by the brainchild of entrepreneurs Karissa Rowe and Neal Klotsman. Founder, Rowe and co-founder, Klotsman, come from different backgrounds that have essentially fine-tuned them to create an innovative design-forward fragrance house. Rowe’s creative ingenuity is a product of the Parsons School of Design, while … Read more

At-Home Tests: A Revolution in Healthcare?


The healthcare industry is always looking for ways to make access to care more efficient and convenient. In recent years, there has been a surge of at-home tests that allow people to test for things like vitamin D, drugs, and STDs from the comfort of their own homes. Are these tests the future of healthcare? … Read more

What Women Have to Face Behind the Bars


Life in prison can bring about several problems for female prisoners in ways many might not expect. This is because not only do they have to face new issues in jail, but they also have to deal with the problems that resulted from their lives before imprisonment.  Female prisoners, in particular, have experienced victimization, work … Read more

How Alfredo Barulli Leverages His Instagram Following to Travel the World


Have you ever heard of Alfredo Barulli? Probably not. But you should, because he’s a savvy entrepreneur and Instagram influencer with over one million followers! Amazingly, his massive follower base has enabled him to travel the world for free, thanks to luxury hotels, resorts, fine dining restaurants and even tourism and government authorities that invite … Read more