2 Reasons Why Jared Sanborn’s Newest Venture Will Make Waves In The AI & Big Data Industries

Jared Sanborn has the perfect skillset as an entrepreneur. He’s been in the digital marketing & tech industry for over 16 years, has accumulated an incredible knowledge base and network of high level business owners and professionals, and is fearless in his pursuit of greatness. He’s founded and owned 7 companies including 2 current ventures, raised millions in startup capital for a tech company, and worked in every C-Suite role that exists throughout his career.

He’s currently raising funds for his passion project, Pure Technology Inc. The details for the company are still under wraps, but Jared says the company is set to disrupt the big data, AI, and the consumer electronics markets in a big way. While the company is still in its early stages, Jared being at the helm gives it a tremendous chance of being successful. Here’s 2 reasons why:

His Business Knowledge Is Immense

With the years of experience he has running various businesses, Jared has a versatile range of tools at his disposal. As the founder and CEO of Eyefuel PR, he’s become well versed in marketing, advertising, and sales. His company offers various services including lead generation, brand awareness, public relations, SEO and social media management. In addition, he and his team have become elite at market research, analysis, marketing strategy, and consumer profiling.

As the CEO of various companies, he’s transformed into a tremendous leader. He has solid experience managing complex operations and cross-functional teams, and is an extraordinary communicator with a hands-on leadership approach. As an executive, he’s been characterized as a visionary and strategist with a proven track record of driving incredible results and constantly seeking to think outside the box.

His Experience In Tech

Aside from his present venture with Pure Technology, Jared has a strong background in helping tech startups get off the ground. Previously, he raised a $1.83 million dollar investment for a tech startup, and provided day to day operations along with strategic direction for the company.

With past experience in raising capital, it’s no surprise Jared was quickly able to raise funding for Pure Technology with an ultimate goal of oversubscribing to $1.4 million in capital. He’s on pace to hit that goal within 30 to 60 days, and Pure Technology will be in motion in no time.

Jared Sanborn is a rare form of entrepreneur. He has a diverse background in both leadership and tech, and knows what it takes to build a successful company as he’s done so multiple times. Although Pure Technology is still in its infancy, it’s only a matter of time before the company breaks onto the scene in the tech and big data industries.

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