3 Things You Must Know About The Increasing Adoption of Conversational AI  in The Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare industry is one of the booming industries worldwide. Post covid-19 outbreak, people have started investing more time and money in caring for their bodies. People have also started taking regular health checkups to ensure a healthy lifestyle and a bright future ahead. 

However, the booming industry also witnesses new healthcare organizations, creating competition in this industry. Every healthcare center/institute looks forward to serving the best and entertaining every possible query of their patients. 

Numerous advancements have already helped the healthcare industry handle almost every health issue and turn a patient into a healthy personality.

However, all these aspects happen after a patient undergoes treatment. Interestingly, serving the patient in early conversation/consultation is also important to take the medication process further.

No healthcare institute can communicate with every patient via the Live Chat feature and provide the best feasible consultation. For such issues and hecks, conversational AI was needed to transform the conventional chat into an automated conversation with the integration of Artificial Intelligence and traditional chatbots.

Today, AI-chatbots are working really great, and many healthcare organizations have already added to their online services.

Many of you are still unaware of a few things about the increasing demand for AI Chatbots in the healthcare industry. Below are the top three reasons behind the increased demand for AI Chatbots.

Conversational AI is different from Chatbots

During the initial days of the Live Chat feature, human presence was mandatory. Thus, a human was responsible for responding to the user’s queries. However, the technology leaped, and humans were replaced with bots programmed to give predefined responses to the queries. 

With chatbots, human necessity was omitted, but still, one pain point exists. With chatbots, it was hard to understand a patient’s behavior and understand their symptoms in detail.

Then came the revolutionary idea, and finally, Artificial Intelligence was integrated with the conventional chatbot. It gives birth to conversational AI chatbots. The AI-driven chatbots use NLP (Natural language Processing) and Understanding to get a detailed analysis of your patient. Based on two-way communication, bots provide the best possible answer.

Compared to conventional chatbots, AI chatbots are smart enough to provide highly accurate replies to different patients. Every reply is based on the patient’s behavior, symptoms, and past medical history.

 In short, chatbots with AI have made it highly convenient to understand the patient and provide the best treatment.

AI Chatbots have OmniChannel Delivery:

Gone are the days when chatbots were only limited to text. It means chatbots in the past only reply to your text-based queries. Today, the technology has upgraded chatbots, and AI-chatbots are now capable of understanding voice searches. 

Whether you are using iPhone, Android Phone, or an Amazon smart device, AI chatbots can take your voice commands and respond accordingly. Interestingly, this feature is a revolution in the healthcare industry where patients are not always in the condition to explain the problem via text.

Provides Multiple Functionalities with Single Chat: Yes, before the introduction of chatbots with AI, every patient needs to look for different modes for:

  • Answering the Frequently Asked Questions
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Symptom checking
  • Health tracking

With the inclusion of Artificial intelligence, your entire website turns into an automated system that takes care of almost everything that a patient/customer looks for. From booking online to symptoms analysis (smart), chatbots can take care of everything.

Apart from what mentioned above, chatbots (with AI capability) can also collect data that can be used in the future. Patients share data, which the healthcare industry can further use for any research and analysis. Further, the data can be reused to reach the customers again via email marketing, custom audience creation, remarketing, etc.

So, these are the three crucial aspects of AI Chatbots that have increased their demand in the healthcare industry. Currently, not the entire healthcare industry is taking benefit of the conversational AI chatbots. Instead, only healthcare giants are opting for this technology. However, its demand is gradually increasing, and many mid-level healthcare institutes are migrating from conventional chatbots to AI-driven chatbots. Thus, its growth will significantly grow in the future and serve patients with the advancement of technology.

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