360-year-old shipwreck revealed using virtual reality

Precisely 360 years ago, the Dutch merchant vessel Melckmeyt had been wrecked at an Icelandic island, the experts have revealed using VR (virtual reality) to develop an amazing virtual tour of the old wreck.

The Melckmeyt, also called ‘Milkmaid’ was likely on a confidential trading mission at the time it sank in the midst of one sudden storm. Experts of digital archaeology from Flinders University in Australia have worked in collaboration with University of Iceland’s maritime archaeologists to develop a 360° virtual image of the wrecked ship. The merchant ship was discovered back in the year 1992.

The vessel was lost amidst the international tensions prevailing over the remote Icelandic trade.

As per the officials, the Kingdom of Denmark, who ruled Iceland, prohibited other European countries from conducting trading activities with Iceland. However, Swedish King launched a surprise attack on Copenhagen in 1659 and prevented Danish merchant ships from sailing to Iceland.

The Dutch merchants, who were keen to earn a chance for trade, sent a few ships to Iceland with a misleading Danish flag.

The Danish locals welcomed these ships and traded timber, ceramics and grain from Europe in return of dried fish, sheepskins, whale oils and woollen goods, explained the experts. However, the Melckmeyt vessel spent a lot of time on its confidential trading expedition and was therefore caught in a sudden storm, explained the two universities.

Luckily, the wreck remained well preserved due to the icy Icelandic current.