4 Best Certification Programs to Master Customer Relationship Management Software

For every business, it is very important to maintain a strong relationship with its customers. It is not just sufficient to produce only customer-specific products or services. But it is really important for it to maintain strong interaction with customers.

It is mainly due to the intense competition in the business market that has made it imperative for businesses to keep their customers happy. Without knowing about their customers’ needs and gaining other knowledge about them, it is not feasible for businesses to achieve their targets.

How well a business company manages its relationship with customers decides the extent to which it can succeed in the market. In the digital world, it is important for businesses to use the best customer relationship management tools for strengthening their bonding with customers.

Building a strong relationship with customers is only possible if a business hires professionals with a CRM certification. Many customer relationship management software are available today for easily maintaining a strong relationship with customers. More and more businesses are now looking for expert professionals in this context.

It also presents a great opportunity for every professional to get a good package by mastering different CRM software. Usually, professionals don’t have the right knowledge about the best CRM software certification programs for achieving a powerful package in their hands.

If you are also searching for a suitable CRM certification program then you have come to the right place. In this post, we have mentioned different CRM software certification programs for professionals. Before knowing about it, read about the various benefits of CRM software certification for businesses & individuals.

Benefits of CRM Software Certification

Customer Relationship Management involves preparing strategies, techniques, tools, and technology by an enterprise to establish a strong relationship with customers. A plethora of benefits is offered by CRM software to an organization.

It helps to organize business data, segment customers, streamline communication with customers, and create sales reports. Adopting this technology can help businesses boost their efficiency and improve relationships with customers. Over time, the demand for CRM software has increased a lot.

According to the Grand View Research report, the global customer relationship management market stood at USD 40.2 billion in 2019. And it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.2% during 2020-27. The expected growth is due to the use of Software as a Service (SaaS) in implementing CRM solutions.

The industry is driven by growing demand for Software as a Service (SaaS) in the deployment of customer relationship management (CRM) suites and solutions. Business Professionals can explore the following courses on customer relationship management software certification programs:

1. Salesforce Certification 

Salesforce is touted as the best customer relationship management (CRM) platform by many technology experts. Across the world, many businesses make use of this CRM software for managing their works related to marketing, sales, commerce, and IT works from any corner of the world.

Thus, a lot of businesses are now hiring Salesforce professionals for managing their CRM tasks with ease. A trained professional with a Salesforce certification can easily get a good opportunity in the business world.

It helps a person to gain working knowledge and expertise of different Salesforce applications and tools. A Salesforce certification is a testimony that a professional possesses the required knowledge and expertise in working with Salesforce software.

Opting for a Salesforce certification online training program is a great way for a professional to strengthen his professional career by gaining new growth opportunities in the business world. The best part is that Salesforce Trailhead is a free way to learn Salesforce for gaining command over customer relationship management.

Anyone can upskill himself by learning Salesforce for free to get a lucrative IT job in the business world. If one wants to look for a reliable and reputed online training platform then he should go for CRS Info Solutions.

It is a great institute for professionals to learn from experienced trainers. Faculties at CRS Info Solutions make use of industry-specified methodologies to offer practical experience to trainees. Its Salesforce CRM online training program is available at affordable fees.

The institute offers 8-10 weeks of Salesforce training program with Admin & development modules with the inclusion of real-time projects in it. Moreover, it also offers the best discount offers and a 100% money-back guarantee for professionals.

2. Oracle NetSuite SuiteFoundation Certification 

The next CRM certification program on this list is Oracle NetSuite SuiteFoundation Certification. Many enterprises are now looking for professionals with validated NetSuite expertise.

It is helping them see a boom in their business growth. A SuiteFoundation certified professional possesses a great understanding of many essential subjects required for executive customer relationship management operations.

Various subjects covered in it are company and user preference, customization of a user interface, the relationship of users, roles and permissions, reports, searches, and the structure of standard record types.

3. Dynamic 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate 

Dynamic 365 Sales Functional Consultants by Microsoft is another certification that provides expert training to professionals. It is a popular exam that helps to plan customer connections, boost sales team performance, and manage deals effectively.

A professional with this certification is considered an expert in handling many technical tasks in an enterprise. Some of the tasks include performing discovery, planning, and analysis, implementation of security, solutions deployment & testing, managing entities & data, performing configuration, and manage core sales entities.

4. HubSpot Sales Software Certification 

HubSpot Sales Software Certification is a great option to learn about executing CRM operations in the business world. It helps to implement the inbound sales process using HubSpot CRM and Sales Hub. A professional can gain practice knowledge by completing exercises after every lesson.

The certification program has been designed to make it easy for people of every potential to grasp the concept. An aspirant has to complete the MCQs test to verify his knowledge. Only then, he can obtain the HubSpot Sales Software Certification to get good growth opportunities.

Which CRM Certification Program Should a Person Choose

Until now, we have discussed the different CRM certification programs that are popular in the business world. These CRM certification programs are designed to help professionals gain in-depth practical knowledge on various technical tasks in managing relationships with customers.

Now, the major question that many people ask is: Which is the best CRM certification program at present? Simply put, all the above-mentioned CRM certification programs are designed to give an ample amount of knowledge to a professional. They allow every aspirant to gain expertise on this subject in great detail.

However, Salesforce CRM certification is becoming popular among business professionals. Due to the rising popularity of cloud computing, the use of Salesforce software has increased in managing CRM operations.

Thus, it is leading to an increase in the demand for Salesforce professionals among businesses at a global level. According to the data made available by Backlinko, Salesforce is being used by businesses on a large scale.

The available data has highlighted that over 150,000 businesses make use of Salesforce to manage their CRM operations. At present, Salesforce enjoys a share of 19.8% in the CRM market and it is leading its competitors. The company has generated $21.25 billion until now in the year 2021.

Salesforce, an American software company, is leaving no stone unturned to improve the software over time. It is working hard to make this software useful and it is eventually leading to a boom in its popularity among businesses.

Many business experts recommend the Salesforce CRM system to businesses for effectively managing their customer relationships. Due to the multiple features included in the Salesforce CRM software, the use of this CRM software is helping businesses grow their profit on a large scale.

According to business experts, there are some reasons that make Salesforce a suitable CRM software for fulfilling business requirements. Salesforce is highly scalable and customizable that allows businesses to meet their customer relationship requirements with ease.

Another reason why businesses make use of Salesforce is it gives equal performance to both large or small businesses. It is due to its multitenant architecture that provides one infrastructure and platform to clients.

Salesforce comes with pre-installed safety features that allow businesses to enjoy high data security. It is one of the reasons why businesses are now seeking professionals with certification in Salesforce CRM software. As compared to Salesforce, other CRMs don’t pay much attention to the security issues for a business’s data.

The major reason why IT professionals are going for Salesforce certification is that the CRM offers many lucrative features that no other CRM provides. The list of features includes contact management, task management, workflow creation, collaboration tools, customer engagement, etc.

Moreover, Salesforce also facilitates trustworthy reporting, automated messaging, proactive service, high efficiency, and visual showcasing of data. All these features and benefits make Salesforce a better customer relationship management system than other CRMs available for businesses.


From the above discussion, it is very clear that customer relationship management is a vital segment for businesses to grow well. For this, many different CRM certification programs are available for professionals to gain expertise in handling CRM tasks on their own.

Out of all the different leading CRM systems mentioned above, Salesforce is gaining immense popularity among business professionals. They are preferring individuals who have expert training in working with Salesforce CRM.

As a result, a lot of individuals are now going for CRM certification programs for gaining better job opportunities in the business world. Since the Salesforce CRM system offers many lucrative features, it is now gaining immense popularity among business people.

In a nutshell, it would be right to conclude that professionals who want to upskill themselves in the cloud computing world must consider Salesforce certification online training programs. It is easy to learn online about different aspects of this CRM software.

Thus, beginner IT professionals who are looking for lucrative job opportunities must go for Salesforce certification programs available online. It could easily help them gain mastery over this CRM system to implement various CRM operations in a business firm.

Over time, the Salesforce CRM system has overcome other CRM systems in terms of popularity in the business world. It has helped business professionals maintain better relationships with customers. Eventually, it has led to a boom in the number of sales for businesses in a limited time.

As a result, most businesses prefer to hire professionals who are skilled in working on Salesforce. The availability of Salesforce certification programs has made it possible for businesses to choose talented Salesforce professionals for managing their business projects. It has also given employees an opportunity to grow their career in the IT world.

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