A Professional Piano Mover Can Do A Better Job Of Moving Your Piano Than A Household Mover

There are countless horror stories of piano owners who have asked movers to move their beloved piano. It has been a disaster, to say the least. Sometimes it results in broken piano legs, sometimes scratches on the floor, and in others chipped off paint. Piano owners will stop at nothing to make sure their piano is unharmed. But hiring a household Mover can result in more damage than good. That’s why piano movers must be hired. They do a better job of moving pianos than household movers. 

Household movers may have a lot of experience in moving items. But when it comes to delicate pianos, they don’t have more experience than professional piano movers. Secondly, they treat the piano as any other household item, which is not the case. A piano has thousands of small elements that make it, it needs to be handled with much care. 

When a household mover moves a piano, they ask two large burly men to pick up the piano and move it. That’s the approach they take but piano movers use different sophisticated professional ways to ensure perfect shopping of the piano. A dolly especially for piano moving is used to ensure seamless moving. Settle Piano moving has created a special dolly for the purpose. 

The base of the piano and the top of the piano dolly for this specific model. It supports and fills the void in the front of the piano’s base to keep the piano upright and from leaning forward. While when two men hold the piano it may be difficult to balance it given the shape, the dolly can easily balance the weight of a piano. 

Household movers may be good at moving household items but the piano is not a household item. It is a precious musical instrument that needs special care while shipping. Piano movers understand the sentiment and put every effort into making it possible. 

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