The 21st century is entirely dominated by technology. Meanwhile, many drastic changes have been experienced in the world of technology. In such a scenario, to keep tabs on the changes that are taking place constantly can be very challenging. You are not alone in this; we were facing somewhat similar challenges. And, therefore, we decided to come up with a News Portal under the banner of DroidHive that imparts the audience with the sound knowledge of technology.

DroidHive is a blog that provides a variety of information, tutorials, latest news, and reviews about new gadgets. We post articles & tutorials frequently on rooting and flashing custom roms for android devices.

We at Droid-Hive.com are a a team which consist of 4 tech geeks who belong from different fields and are from different cities in India. But together we bring the best for you keeping in mind about the quality. You will definitely love to be a part of us forever and we would be also happy if you want to be a part of our team.

What are the various categories that we deal with?

The world of technology is vast and you can find the use of devices in each and every field that you may randomly pick out. Therefore we decided to dedicate our News Portal to different sections of technology. These sections can be broadly classified into – Automobile, Games, Smartphones, Virtual Reality, and Mobile Apps . Each and every section is handled by a different individual in order to maintain the quality of the information that is being imparted.

How did DroidHive come into existence?

DroidHive is the brainchild of a very powerful and influential man, who has spent most of his life working as a journalist. With his impeccable dedication towards establishing a News Portal, he has worked day and night to make his dream come true. He has also worked with the aim to gather intelligent minds and made them join hands together as a team. This is how DroidHive came into existence. The initiation of this News Portal cannot be dedicated to just one but all the super-intellectual team members who have an unmatched knowledge in their respective fields.

Our Goal

Our ultimate motto is to provide our audience with information that is entirely based on the latest innovations in the world of technology. We wish to cover all the essential pieces of data that are specifically related to the technological world while keeping the information authentic and updated.