Activist Investor Michael Coudrey leads March for ‘Election Integrity’

Many influential activists descended upon Washington DC last week to march for ‘fair and honest elections.’ Among them was Investor and Activist Michael Coudrey, who leads the political social media firm YukoSocial.

The conservative activists gathered last Saturday in Washington and echoed allegations of voter fraud and urged President Trump not to concede to Joe Biden — then were rewarded by an appearance from Trump himself.

Roughly 200,000 attendees gathered at Freedom Plaza, and were met with speeches from Mike Lindell, Sebastian Gorka, Michael Coudrey, Scott Presler, and others. Some talked of specific ways to stop Biden from becoming president, including legal challenges, signature audits and urging states to appoint pro-Trump electors who would defy the popular vote results in their states.

“This election was stolen from us,” Michael Coudrey told the crowd, a line that was often repeated. He then led a chant of “Stop the Steal!”

Picture credit: Michael Coudrey