Amanda Bonnell is Making Every Effort To Help Women Entrepreneurs Grow Through Her Program

Amanda Bonnell, a rising entrepreneur, is making waves because of her contribution to the entrepreneurial world. Starting her 1st company, Harvard Strategy Consulting, Inc., at the age of 28, she achieved the $1M revenue mark in less than 1 year from the inception of her company.

Now, she is focusing her strategies and donning the role of a transformational leader to lead many other entrepreneurs down the road of success and growth.

Capsule Program

Amanda Bonnell implemented her disruptive growth strategies in her Growth CAPSULE, a program launched in 2022 to further assist other entrepreneurs. Here, she offers private sessions, in which she provides a high-touch transformational growthology to help individuals grow even more in a 7-figure game.

This CAPSULE program provides holistic assistance to female entrepreneurs, while having the potential to take them to levels where they have never gone before and grow into a 7-figure company.

Efforts of Amanda can clearly be seen through this program. She has identified the objectives and requirements of her clients, as well as a blueprint for success. She then follows through on the plan to ensure that her clients get the best possible outcomes from her program.

Runway 2 – A Podcast About the Same Launch Program

Further aiding to the success of her Launch program, she has started the podcast – Runway 2. In this podcast, she carries Behind The Scene interviews with successful business people, making their stories available to many others.

You can listen to this podcast through several platforms and learn some strategies from the anecdotes of successful people.

Amanda Bonnell is a growth oriented person, and her goal is to reach as many people as possible with her technique, and she desires to grow her clients’ universe.

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