American Musician, DRAMAFLS, is Seamlessly Working on Creating Unique Music and Growing his Clothing Brand, “Direktè”

Thiery Kern Sanon, popular as DRAMAFLS, is an emerging music artist who has grown remarkably since his inception in the music world. Today, he is popular as an American musician, songwriter, and music video director.

Besides, DRAMAFLS is also embarking on his entrepreneurial journey as he has established his own clothing brand, DIREKTÈ. His clothing label makes available t-shirts and hoodies with creative designs.

DRAMAFLS is setting an example for others to pursue multiple careers by creating a balance between them. What makes him grow in his musical and entrepreneurial career is his love for Haiti, where he actually comes from.

Owing to his great musical work, DRAMAFLS has worked with many popular artists, namely, BigFa, Steves J Bryan, Zoeydollaz, Biggystal, etc. Recently, he released his new single, “Rale Bagay Feat. BigFa” and its success made him drop another “Sway” feat. Steves J Bryan, Young Flock, and BigFa.

Through his clothing brand, DIREKTÈ, DRAMAFLS wants to make Haiti proud. He aims to make his clothing brand globally recognized by competing with international clothing brands like Nike. And he is very proud of wearing his own clothing label that represents his native place.

Moreover, the American music artist also wants to make Haitian music popular among listeners globally. Owing to his great technical skills, ability to instill aggression & energy into his music, creative music skills, DRAMAFLS is considered as one of “the Cleaver Haitian Musicians” by Haitians.

The American music artist is helping Haitian & American artists grow with his videography works in their music videos. He is aiming to bring a new hip-hop sound to the Haitian generation. DRAMAFLS stunned the social media environment with his stunning performance at the Stunna event in Miami, Florida.

Eventually, it led him to release his music project titled “Yo Pap Konpran’n Vol.2”. DRAMAFLS is a great example for artists to learn to balance their musical career and entrepreneurial journey.

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