‘Another Star’ Could Be Another Gem From Earthquake Lights

It has been a wonderful year for the music band Earthquake Lights. They’ve had a ball of a time with their music. This reflects from the steady increase in their fanbase. Fans are going gaga over the music that they create and their music family is all excited about the next project that they take up.

There has been a constant inflow of music from Earthquake Lights. They have released a single every six weeks to two months. This is a huge achievement for any music band. Apart from the frequency of releasing music, what is amazing about Earthquake Lights is that they never compromise on quality.

However, fans on different social media platforms are now demanding the band to bring out a new single. It looks like that the band also wants to keep up with the expectations and has a lot to offer to the fans. They have also hinted at their new offering in a cryptic post on their social media handle.

The post hints at something to do with Another Star. Fans do believe that this could be the name of the new single that is up for release next month. Band has posted an image of stars on their social media handle. This is being believed as the name of the new single which is up for release on July 7. Whether or not this new single is called Another Star is still a shimmering mystery.

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