Apple has Removed Rewound App from its Store for Copying iPod Design

Apple has announced to remove the Rewound app from its App Store. The company has blamed Rewound to turn its phones into a virtual iPod that contains click wheel, old MP3 player. Rewound is a popular application for Apple phones around the world. It had gained massive popularity in Japan and China. Later it became popular in European countries also.

Rewound has remained at the 19th position in US Music App Charts. Apple’s rejection of Rewound has created a sensation around the world.  

The developers of Rewound, Rewound Web App, have also made their clarification after the app’s absence from the App Store. The developers are going to launch to make the app alive again. This fund will be used to develop the Rewound Web App for iPhone, Android, and Android-related apps.

The developers have also praised Rewound for connecting people with the old love and for providing music with a programmable music player. The app developers are looking very disappointed after Apple’s decision to remove the Rewound app from its App Store. 

The rewound app charges users to enjoy Apple music features. This app also allows users to transform their devices into the 2000s era MP3 player. The company has denied violating Apple’s trademarks on post written on Medium. Rewound Web App is not going to update the app to meet the requirements of Apple because the app still has more than 170,000 users.