Austin Dane Walker: Real Estate and Airbnb Guru

At the point when one considers independent business people who have become wildly successful, one of the first names that comes up is none other than Austin Dane Walker. He is the owner of an AirBnb business with more than 107 Airbnb rental units right now. Austin undoubtably has one of the most inspiring life stories heard of, and we without a doubt believe that it will help inspire countless other people who are attempting to begin their own businesses.

Austin opened up about his life before he became the successful entrepreneur he is today. Austin shared that he was barely out of jail when he began and at first was living with his mom. Yet, his assurance to accomplish something significant and turn his life around was developing constantly, so he devoted himself to business and has now built an empire for himself.

When asked how he got into the Airbnb space he said that he was attempting to move out of his mother’s home and realized he required much more cash to make that happen. He brainstormed ideas on what he thought would be potential industry for him to win in. After conversing with an Airbnb host, he concluded that this was something that he could do. He first entered the AirBnb space playing it safe as renting through Airbnb would abuse his leasing agreement. After much thought, Austin decided to take that risk which was the start of his now million dollar Airbnb rental business.

After a years time, Austin turned that one apartment unit into dozens then expanded to now having 107 Airbnb units creating passive income for himself each month. When asked about his success and what it means to him, Austin shared that for him personally, success means making progress from where the person has started.

Now, with a fruitful business that develops by each coming day, Austin is carrying on with his best life. He goes to different places and explores life with no regrets. His online social media has become a stage where he endeavors to motivate others.

If you want to check out his Instagram for yourself, then you can follow him on Instagram @austindanewalker.