Bigscreen has partnered with Paramount Pictures to stream Blockbuster Movies

The renowned app, Bigscreen has a large number of users. The app is allowing the users to watch movies, chat on VR rooms and play PC games. Bigscreen is also being used in offices for making a remote collaboration that allow workers to communicate with each other.

Recently Bigscreen has made a big announcement of making a multi-year partnership with Paramount Pictures. Bigscreen will transform itself into an amazing movie watching platform with the help of Paramount Pictures. Under this partnership, Bigscreen has started to stream four blockbuster films every week from 16th December.

All four films will be available on Bigscreen for one week. In the next week, the movies will be replaced with another four blockbuster movies. Bigscreen is streaming these movies with scheduled showtimes of 30 minutes and on a pay per view basis. People enjoying its services can watch some big blockbuster in December including Star Trek, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Interstellar. Bigscreen is allowing its worldwide users to watch these movies on the VR platform. 

The new users are required to open a free account and they can discuss the movies with others too. Bigscreen is offering each movie at only $3.99 and tickets are available on its Virtual Box Office. Currently, virtual screening of Bigscreen is available in ten countries including Germany, France, Sweden, Japan, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands.

It will also show some 3D movies along with 2D movies. The partnership of Bigscreen with Paramount Pictures will provide a unique movie-watching experience to the viewers.