Bright Future Awaits Talented Musician Shaun Enzo

Not much is known of the man, other than the fact Shaun Enzo, who is also known as Shaban Asif, is creating waves on social media platforms with his work in fashion and rap. Musician cum designer Shaun Enzo from New York is breaking barriers by creating music and streetwear clothing together. His high street fashion wear Valenci has all the edgy designs which compliments his similar style of music- fast and edgy.

‘Again’, Shaun’s first album has now been released on music streaming platforms and also on the YouTube channel. The music is infused with Pop punk sound, sung in husky voice and has hard hitting trap beats. The arrangement is melodious. The album has hit multiple milestones on Spotify and gained many views on YouTube. The listeners are sharing their love on social media pages of the artist.

Shaun Enzo is beginning his journey in the music industry with ‘Again’. The new music artist started working in music at 15 years of age and is sure he will be bringing new sound in the rap industry. With music he is also interested in fashion and business. This financially literate musician has been investing in multiple businesses including real estate, cryptocurrency, and marketing/building brands.

Enzo aims to blend the world of music, fashion and finance to make his own edgy brand that will have high street fashion dancing to edgy tunes with great deals in real estate and fashion business.

Luxury high street wear brand Valenci by Shaun Enzo is blending premium luxury with his own edgy sense of style. Valenci will soon be releasing their spring/summer collection 2021. With the collection the singer will also be releasing his debut EP. Future is bright for this young designer-musician who believes in living his mark in everything he does.

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