‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ swaps loot boxes for a battle pass

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ is all set to release on October 25. And now, Activision has revealed a few plans it has for the game post its launch.

All the future new models and maps will be available for free. Moreover, there will not be any season pass or loot boxes and the upcoming game will sport crossplay in all the platforms. It is a key departure in contrast to the earlier Call of Duty games.

‘Modern Warfare’ still will feature in-game virtual economy. The players can earn the new weapons as well as functional attachments via gameplay. Meanwhile, an in-game purchase store and one battle pass structure will consist of an array of cosmetic stuff which won’t affect game balance, as per Activision.

The game’s battle pass would also allow the players to earn a chance to grab COD point via gameplay. However, it will not be live at the time ‘Modern Warfare’ launches. Activision says that it will be releasing battle pass simultaneously with the live-seasons post-launch.

Well, how these new plans will work out in reality has raised a few questions. However, Activision has addressed these concerns and has committed to continue tracking feedback as well as player engagement to reach its goal.