How To Install Cheat Engine APK No Root Version

Cheat Engine as the name suggests is a boon for mobile gamers that opens the doors for hardened or nearly impossible games to score at. This free productivity tool has helped many gamers in the past and will come handy if you are willing to pass a hard level or score more points in any sort of game on your Android device.

Cheat Engine APK no root version is for those Android smartphones which are not yet rooted and can be installed like any other apk on your mobile. This is similar to Lucky Patcher where the software allows you to remove ads, license verification and modifying host.

Although many consider Cheat Engine may be used for illegal activities like changing the IMEI number of your device, courts will also consider the legal uses of a piece of software. The prohibited activities do not make the program illegal if the software can pass that balancing test. 

Download Check Engine APK – Latest Version

Name Cheat Engine
Developer CTEngine
Size 1.6 Mb
Compatibility Android v4.0.1 & later
Cost Free
Stable Version v6.7
No Of Downloads 600k+



NOTE: You might get a pop up notifying that “This file type could be harmful, do you want to keep this file anyway? Just click the “Yes” option.

What is Cheat Engine No Root Version?

Cheat Engine for Android is one of the best android application for rooted devices which enable you to hack games. Technically speaking, this application stands to work for non-rooted devices as well, but as the games are locking the files it needs root access to modify them. You can download Cheat Engine Apk from the link above.

For multiplayer games, it would take great steps to prevent hacking on any scale. hence this engine would not work for them. But with the help of this productivity app, you can modify almost all the Single Player game.

Remember, Cheat Engine app doesn’t work on any online based games like PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire etc. This wonderful app works with most of the offline based games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Ludo etc.

Features Of Cheat Engine

  1. Option to choose the process.
  2. You can connect to local or remote processes.
  3. You can browse memory from the address list.
  4. This app features a memory viewer which merely requires some amount of RAM if zoomed out.
  5. You can scroll crash.
  6. You get Value types for searching: for 1, 2, 4, 8 bytes, Float, Double, String, Array of Byte.
  7. The values can also be scanned in hexadecimal form.
  8. You can scan read-only or paged memory.
  9. You can scan types: exact value, bigger than, smaller than, unknown or between.
  10. You can choose an application from a drop-down list.
  11. The value or gaming currency or adding lives can be easily carried out with this app. You can also modify the difficulty of your games.

How To Install Cheat Engine On Non Rooted Device

Step 1: To begin with, Download cheat engine apk for Android from the link mentioned above.

Step 2: Now Open the .apk file and tap install.

Step 3: Wait for a short time until the installation process is completed.

Step 4: Now launch and Open Cheat Engine.

Step 5: Open any of your games you wish to play through this game hacking app.

Step 6: In the Cheat Engine List, find the Game Process. Once you find it, Open it.

Step 7: Search the Value you wish to have. For example, Gold=5000

Step 8: Now buy something till the value of gold is decreased to 3000. Then in the Cheat engine, you will notice that the value of gold is decreased to 3000.

Step 9: Add the address of the gold value to the list 4 in the list tab.

Step 10: Now check the list to see if its ACTIVE then change the value to 99999. So consequently in your game, the value of gold will become 99999.