China has Set a New Deal of $21 Billion to Enhance the Manufacturing Industry

China has set a new deal of $21 billion national investment fund to transform and upgrade the country’s manufacturing industry. China will set this capital in both growth stage and mature companies that are in the business of new material, next-generation information technology, power equipment, and power equipment. The fund will be invested throughout the entire manufacturing industry value chain. 

The deal of $21 billion was set up by 20 stockholders. The Ministry of Finance holds a share of 15.29 percent and is the biggest shareholder. CRRC Corp is the country’s state-owned railway equipment manufacturer. The company has stated that it is going to invest an initial 25 million yuan in the project.

There are many other Chinese and foreigner companies that are planning to invest in the project. Previously, China had set up national funds that are being used to invest in the country’s advanced manufacturing and integrated circuit sectors. And people are visiting this website to know more about China’s funds and investment plans in the country.  

China is the world’s second-largest economy and it is continuously progressing towards holding the number one position. The country has large number of investment plans for domestic and foreign companies. Therefore many investors are now looking for china funds to increase their values. China is an open market for investors who are forecasting considerable benefits from their investments.