ClickASnap—Photo-Sharing Platform that Pays Per View

The streaming world of the modern-day offers alluring incentives for artists to earn money on streams. Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) says that paid subscriptions have replaced album sales for music artists of the 21st century. And with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of paid subscriptions compared to album sales will only increase.

Streams allow music artists to earn money without actually selling their content. They get paid when their music is streamed, not purchased. This is fantastic for musicians and even video creators as they can put their content out there and get paid whenever they are played. But the same concept is now getting applied to other forms of arts as well.

Photography, for instance, was only financially lucrative for photographers when they actually sold their content. Nobody paid them for a view. People could look at their photographs and even paintings all day without paying anything. ClickASnap, a photo-sharing platform, is changing just that! It actually pays photographers for every qualifying view their photos get on the platform. This is like Spotify but for photographers where they get paid every time someone looks at their photo for more than 5 seconds.

ClickASnap offers photographers a reliable way to earn a living without actually making a sale, just what Spotify does for musicians. The greatest aspect of this is that ClickASnap does not demand any rights over your content in return. You remain the sole owner of the content you share on the platform. And with no limits to how many photos you can upload, it offers amateur and professional photographers an amazing opportunity to earn a living without having to solely rely on photo sales.

Having said that, ClickASnap does have a marketplace as well, where photographers can post their content for sale. Whatever proceeds come from a photo sale, get transferred to the photographer as ClickASnap does not charge any royalties on photo sales. Since the buyers are not charged any royalties and are only paying the price that the photographer is asking for, they usually pay a lower price than they would for a similar photo on another platform that charges royalties.

With millions of views per day, photographers can rack up views more easily on ClickASnap than on most photo-sharing platforms. Such a wide audience does not only help photographers have an online portfolio of their photos and create a following but also set up a steady stream of income.

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