Companies in Finland are Addressing Issues Related to Gambling Addiction

Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) published a report regarding gambling addiction. According to the report, a total of 3 percent of Finns are suffering from gambling disorders. This data has remained constant in the last couple of years.

Addiction related to gambling is a menace that Finns are facing but there is a bright side as well. Most of the women and men engaging in Finnish online casinos aren’t betting at high risk. The High-risk level of betting is decreasing. As of now it is being seen as a sigh of relief.

A lot of gambling companies in Finland and around the globe are working on addressing this issue of addiction. Their smart algorithms can detect addiction and send warnings. Finnish gambling company Veikkaus has worked in this direction.

One of the ways to cater to this problem is by decreasing the loss limit. The current loss limit is 500 euros. This has come after decreasing the loss limit. Even No Account casinos are also seen as a way of responsible gambling. Here, the players needn’t put money at the beginning of the game.

The loss limit before decreasing stood at 1000 Euros daily and 2000 Euros in a month. The National Police Board of Finland is saying that this new loss limit will stay at least till September. This has been brought into place keeping in mind the crisis of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Interestingly, Veikkaus shut all the slot machines in Finland. This would again contribute constructively in addressing the issue of gambling addiction.