Coolpad Note 3 Lite Touchwiz Custom Rom

Another custom rom for Coolpad Note 3 Lite users and this is more fascinating because this is the operating system for most of the Samsung smartphones. We believe you’ve tried the last custom rom Flyme OS which was posted earlier and if you didn’t like it then you might give a try to this custom rom. The Coolpad Note 3 Lite Touchwiz custom rom is pre-rooted with the latest SuperSu installed and it also includes google apps (gapps), it consists of the S6 and all stock Samsung features.

DISCLAIMER : Rooting or Flashing Custom Recoveries/Roms can brick your device. We at Techolite do not take any kind of responsibilities if your phone doesn’t boots up or your SD card is dead. It is your sole responsibility to root or flash custom roms and recoveries and bear the loss if incurred in the process.

Touchwiz Features

Call minimizing

The smartphone has become the modern man’s organizer, or mini-diary if you will. We often find ourselves needing to dig through our phone in order to find or to record some piece of information during a call. Now, pressing “Home” on a stock Android handset will hide the call status window all the way up in the notifications tray, while the same action on a TouchWiz handset will minimize the call screen to a small portrait, which always stays on top and allows us to access the full window in an instant.
power button

Multi Window

There are a few manufacturers out there, playing with Multi Window features for their Android-based user interfaces, but TouchWiz, arguably, pulls it off in the best way.
multi window

Easily accessible volume sliders

The Android system allows us to control the volumes for the ringer, media playback, and alarms separately. This is great, indeed, but Samsung took it a step further by adding yet another slider, dedicated to system sounds, and gave us easy access to all four controls.
volume buttons

Pre-Requisites :

  1. Custom Recovery – Read the guide from here to install the custom recovery
  2. Custom Rom – touchwiz
  3. Take a backup of your personal data and contacts
  4. Keep the device charged above 70%

About The Rom

Type : Touchwiz

Author/Credits : Team Psyco

Version : V2

Size : 704 MB

Features Of The Rom

  • All stock Samsung features
  • Removed wake delay
  • Ramdsik Tweaks
  • Pre-rooted with latest SuperSU
  • Init.d scripts support
  • Improved touch response
  • Memory optimizations
  • All S6 Features
  • Gapps included
  • Multi language

How To Install Touchwiz Custom Rom On Coolpad Note 3 Lite

  1. Copy the touchwiz file on your SD Card
  2. Reboot to recovery by turning your Coolpad Note 3 Lite off and then press Volume Up Button + Power Button simultaneously until you see the recovery menu
  3. Now on the TWRP custom recovery menu select WIPE and then select Swipe to factory reset
  4. After that go back and select Advanced Wipe and tick Dalvik/ART Cache System, cache and Data and then select swipe to wipe
  5. Go back and select install and then select touchwiz and then swipe to flash
  6. Wait for few minutes until the process is done and then reboot
  7. First boot generally takes 5-15 minutes, so please have patience


  • Main camera has greenish effect


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