Coronavirus Pandemic has Led to a 75% Hike in the Gaming Data Usage in the Month of March: Survey

A survey carried out in the gaming industry has highlighted that gaming data has seen a 75% hike in March month. And this has happened due to increasing coronavirus scare which is simply making people stay inside. People of all age groups have been spending their free time playing online video games on their electronic devices. As per the data available from various sources, playing video games has become the most preferred option to enjoy free time to get rid of boredom.

Various PC gaming platforms such as Steam, Xbox Live, and Nintendo have been seeing an increase in the number of members arriving on different gaming platforms to play online games. Over 20 million people logged in at the same time on Steam. The online gaming platforms namely Nintendo, as well as Xbox Live, witnessed a network outage to prevent too many users from playing online games simultaneously.

The viewership on various online gaming platforms has seen a sharp increase for people have been investing their time in playing games. And the amount of gaming data has seen a big hike in March across the world. Many MNCs and other organizations have offered work from home to their employees. Hence, many gaming platforms have altered their mechanisms to make it possible for people to play from homes.

As the fear of coronavirus has been rising across the globe, people from different nations are simply finding it easier to play online games to pass their time. Even, a lot of people have been buying new gaming devices and tools in order to enjoy online gaming in an interactive environment.