COVID 19 and Digital Industry, How Blogs like are Making a Big Difference Now?

Covid-19 pandemic has brought a revolutionary change in the way we live our life, work, and learn, the consequences of which are prevalent in the digital industry. This digitization has not only shaped a pathway to a better-brighter future but also made things more accessible globally to  accelerator careers for better opportunities. From the wide array of its reach, one such example is its introduction in the education field. Clearly, there has been a massive traffic diversion towards the idea of online learning. is one of the ed-tech platforms that is helping next-level learning and training for IT skills. There is no doubt in the fact that online learning has been around for a while now, but to leverage its power in complex studies like the IT sector is still on the rise. is a platform that has taken up the role of leveraging the power of digital media to help IT professionals upgrade their skills. What sets this website apart is its unique approach to specific IT field, which makes it extremely easier for users to opt and learn. It tends to navigate the changing Information technology landscape by training users on skills that are sought by top tech employers instead of courses that are not used in the practical world.

This online platform aims at meeting the constantly rising demands of the IT sector by providing virtual training. is a student-driven platform that creates regular blog-posts that are super informative and easy to understand, thus satisfying the needs of the IT students, be it software developers, testers, bloggers, or anyone from the field. This website offers a multitude of guidance material which helps the readers to understand the complexities and hone their skills. 

This pandemic has unleashed the power of the digital media, enlightening more and more people each day to learn and explore new things, and that too, at a click of their fingertips. Blogs like have given an excellent opportunity for every IT professional to get the right advice and tips in order to achieve their desired career goals. has not only revolutionized the way of gaining IT education for every IT professional but also proved to be one of the top sites to offer such a unique approach. 

Being one of the first few upskilling platforms in the country, aCompiler has the edge over other players in the industry. Their beginning has a potential to disrupt the ed-tech industry.