Cracking Of Encrypted Phones By Xrypt Delivers A Major Blow To Organized Crime

The modus operandi of major crime syndicates fall on the same line, though they are difficult to crack, officials have their own tactics to handle them. This was seen in recent times when encrypted phones manufactured by Xrypt were decrypted, leading to major arrests of criminals linked to organized crime and drugs. Belgian police officials displayed their crime tracking capabilities through advanced technology, which tried to chop off the crime syndicates from their buds. In a major joint operation that took place across distinct locations in Belgium, the Dutch, French and Belgian police raided and possessed many Xrypt phones which were decoded to access a large database of gangs operating from the underground associated with organized crime, including the drug mafia. The operation resulted in the arrest of 23 people after the crackdown, which was a huge victory for the officials.

Talking about the operation, an official associated with the operation informed us that the gangs that were held had dominance over the drugs and illegal weapons business, including involvement in gory crimes like murder too. The technology used here involved possession of the phones used by these suspects, decrypting the wiped-out messages and notes, which resulted in healthy leads. The IMEI number & cellphone tower tracking led the officials to these notorious gang members. One major loophole in Xrypt’s devices was that it had falsely advertised IMEI changing options to its users, and this easied the task of tracking users. Criminally inclined individuals paid high subscription fees for these encrypted devices, which boomeranged and helped the police officials track their locations and nab them, leading to their arrests.

These phones were constantly under the radar of the officials, and they had been monitored for quite some time now. This operation was similar to the one that took place in 2021 when the Sky ECC network suffered a big blow owing to the efficiency of the police officials who barged into their encrypted network and tracked down criminals. According to sources, this operation has so far led to many further leads which will result in many more arrests shortly.

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