Credit Expert, Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR, Throws Light on the Impact of Marriage on Credit Score

People have many misconceptions about the impact of marriage on a credit score. Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR, a credit coach, has thrown some light on this subject.

Credit Coach, Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR, believes people don’t really know that marriage doesn’t impact the credit score of an individual spouse.

He has great knowledge on this subject and he offers a free consultation about credit analysis through his business website, Utilizing his financial knowledge, Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR has written his book, The Psychology of Credit, for which he has become the best-selling author on Amazon.

The credit coach says marriage only impacts future efforts for borrowing money as a couple. He says credit score doesn’t involve marital status in granting a loan. So, there is no impact on the individual credit score of spouses after marriage.

However, Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR says opting for joint car loans or opening joint credit card accounts can affect the future credit of a couple. So, a bad credit score of one spouse leaves a negative impact on the overall credit score of a joint account.

Hence, Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR asserts partners should share their financial records before tying a knot. The financial expert adds taking a spouse’s name doesn’t impact the credit score of an individual. Moreover, he expresses that debts of individual partners don’t add to a joint account.

And they remain their individual responsibilities. Marvin Nathaniel Smith JR further explains that both partners should share their credit histories with each other to decide whether they should merge their financial accounts or not.

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