DJ TIBE’s Second Track Released

DJ TIBE (DJ Tim Böttcher) is back with his second track. The DJ from Hanover, Germany garnered a lot of praise for his first track which was a remix of Children, the original club hit of the 90s by Robert Miles. With his new release he is expecting people to fall in love with his work more.

NO ESCAPE, his latest track has already got more than 3000 streams. His songs are available on all major music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc. the artist has got new followers on all his social media platforms. Popular DJs, celebrities have started following him after the release.

DJ TIBE is loving all the attention his work is getting from the listeners. He is filled with excitement to create new work and has already started work on his next track. Listeners’ love has always been motivation for him to create more of his style of music.

NO ESCAPE is already a clear winner and the audience cannot wait for the next track. DJ TIBE’s social media pages are filled with praises for the latest track. With this blossoming energy DJ TIBE is putting together his new track and basking in all the love being poured for his new work.




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