Download Lenovo Vibe P1 Marshmallow 6.0 [Official]

Good news for Lenovo P1 users, now you can download OTA (over the air update) of marshmallow on your device officially. This official release of Marshmallow 6.0 for Lenovo P1 devices has been released for the European region that includes Russia and Ukraine and hopefully the other countries will be receiving the same very soon with 1-2 weeks of time. We’ve the captured OTA update of the marshmallow firmware for Lenovo P1 users who can download and install it manually on their devices using the stock recovery.

About The Rom

  • Stock Rom
  • Marshmallow 6.0
  • Vibe Ui 3.1
  • Ideafriend 4.1
  • Doze Mode (increases battery efficiency)
  • Firmware Update for Euro-region (including Russia and Ukraine)

Installing Lenovo Vibe P1 Marshmallow 6.0 Update



  1. Download the and rename it to and copy it on your SD Card
  2. Now boot into recovery
  3. Select the install update from sd card
  4. Now select the
  5. The process will take several minutes to complete so please have patience


  • The update process takes a long time and in between the screen might flicker and restart many times so do not worry as it is a part of the update process. The screen might also go blank for a moment and then it will start displaying the progress.
  • Keep the charger connected to the device if your battery is below 50%. There are chances that the battery may get drained completely in between the update process and then the device might go to bootloop. So take the precaution earlier.
  • Take a backup of your memory card as well on your pc because if your current default storage is the memory card then there is chance of the files getting deleted after the update.
  • If you have set a pin or password then please remove it before updating because after the update process is done you’ll have to re-enter it and register your finger print again.
  • After your Lenovo Vibe P1 has been upgraded to Marshmallow 6.0 do a factory reset to get a smooth experiencelenovo vibe p1 marshmallow rom
  1. Ram says

    Hi plz give me full steps with screen shot

  2. mgnregs says

    can we update this rom from sp flash tool

  3. Shabeer says

    At 10% my installation aborted………..what I do now….I’ve tried so much time..but result is this ..please help me anyone

  4. Korvin says

    hello, my recovery menu appears entirely in Chinese. I follow your steps
    and start updating, but when it reaches 50% it gives an error. That
    could be happening?
    you can help? Thank you

  5. Korvin says

    hello, my recovery menu appears entirely in Chinese. I follow your steps
    and start updating, but when it reaches 50% it gives an error. That
    could be happening?
    you can help? Thank you

  6. Inamul hasan says

    Plz update 6 or 7.1 version in lenovo p1 ma 40 plz for lenovo

  7. Inamul hasan says

    Lenovo vibe p1 ma 40 update for marshmallow or 7.1 I request for lenovo plz

  8. Soju K Cherian says

    I don’t like lenovo p1m40 it’s not update for marshmallow ,nogut I request for lenovo plss new feather on next update

  9. Kimi Raiko says

    Hi ! Can this archive up there:”” be installed through TWRP ?

  10. Sofyane AIRECHE says

    I need some one to help me I was delete ROM of my Lenovo VIBE P1 plz plz plz hhelp me I do not kew how I flash it again
    plz contact me on my Facebook : [email protected] or e-mail me
    I will be thankfull

  11. Amal Saji says

    how to flash volte in lenovo vibe p1m on miui 8 rom and volte support any roms are available of lenovo p1m

  12. Amal Saji says

    How to flash volte on lenovo p1m in miui 8 rom

  13. Nawaz Ali says

    Please add 6.0 ,7.1 for lenovo vibe p1m40

  14. veeru says

    Plz upload that Vibe p1m 6.0 Marshmallow plz………plz

  15. Nikhil Nikhi says

    Please for vibe p1m40 6.0 marshmellow

  16. Nikhil Nikhi says

    Please add 6.0 ,7.1 for lenovo vibe p1m40

  17. António says

    Hi everyone,
    Is this ROM for p1c72 or for P1a42?
    Any known issues? NFC is working?
    Thanks in advance!

  18. Indiankid69 says

    Can I update it for lenovo vibe p1m

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Not at all. P1m is a different device with different hardware. You cannot flash a firmware of a different model.

  19. Deepak Lokhandwala says

    Not working on my p1 aborted after. 30℅ process

  20. Naven Kumar Desiya says

    do i need to root my phone before start to update this?

  21. leo says

    hello, does this wil work with P1c72

  22. kushagra upadhyaya says

    Hi, everyone this is kushagra upadhyay .
    I have an question that when i Reboot my lenovo Vibe P1 the it suddenly go on 0% BATTERY.why ????

  23. Khairun Safa says

    I upgraded my p1c72 to marshmallow, but my second card not support to HSPA, help me please..

    1. André Becker says

      Pls help me, how did you update you p1c72 to 6.0?
      My phone stuck at 49% when i try to install update.

      1. António says

        Hi André,
        Did you manage to install this ROM in p1c72?
        Is it working well? Any recommendation?

    2. António says

      Hi Khairun!
      Did you update using this ROM or another one?
      Any issues besides what you already mentioned? NFC ok?

  24. Hayabusa says

    How to root Lenovo P1?

  25. Karim Mohamed says

    We Need MIUI rom For Lenovo Vibe P1m :(

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