Electric Mini company will sell a crate EV motor for all kinds of cars

Previously this week, reports of a company creating a new motor package which can boost the current drivetrains made it to the headlines. And now, a new report suggests that an even better complete motor package developed by Swindon Powertrain is soon to make its way.

The motor seems to be similar to what is generally used by the company in its Minis. It is one 80kW motor that is equal to around 107 of horsepower. Swindon Powertrain hasn’t said anything about the motor’s torque. However, it is likely fairly high just like how the first-gen Nissan Leaf utilized one 80kW motor which produces 207pount ft. of torque. Besides, the motor is fixed to an individual-speed transmission and also seems to include a cooling system and inverter.

Apart from being a powertrain package, it is designed to remain easy to adjust to several vehicles. Swindon Powertrain has highlighted an array of mounting areas as well as an ability to fixing the cooling system and inverter wherever it is convenient. The company also says that the motor can add in additional waterproofing for the vehicles which witness more of off-road settings. It is compact and light as well, weighing just 154 pounds despite everything it comes along with.