Entrepreneur Scott Hughes is Working Hard on Growing OnlineBookClub & Compete with Amazon Kindle

Scott Hughes has carved a special place for himself in the writing and entrepreneurial world. He is a creator of OnlineBookClub, a free book community to discuss books and know book reviews. Scott Hughes is fond of reading and writing, so he created an online platform for book lovers in 2006.

And it grows tremendously over the last 15 years and now OnlineBookClub.org enjoys over 2 million members. Along with managing OnlineBookClub, Scott Hughes writes new books and he has many books to his name.

Until now, Scott Hughes has succeeded in doing what he thought of, but he still has a long journey to travel. However, since OnlineBookClub is growing at a good pace, he plans to give a strong competition to Amazon Kindle by releasing an e-reading app.

Currently, Scott Hughes is working with his team to create an e-reading app for mobile devices. Given the rising popularity of OnlineBookClub, he expects the upcoming e-reading app to present strong competition to Amazon Kindle.

Scott Hughes keeps a visionary but flexible approach in life to grow well in his ventures. Besides focusing on his writing and business career, Scott devotes proper time to his hobbies and family. He is a father of two children and he is also the elected member of the Board of Education in his hometown, Manchester, CT.

Scott Hughes is a published bestseller due to his excellent writing skills. And he has eyes on growing his business to new heights using his unique business tactics. For knowing more about Scott Hughes, visit his social media accounts below.

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