Ephemeral tattoo revolutionizing body art

Ephemeral Tattoo is revolutionizing the tattoo industry with made-to-fade designs that endure between a year and 15 months in place of permanent-until-layered-off ink. Sure, “nothing lasts forever”  – but there are a few significant exceptions. A robust cast-iron skillet, unresolved emotions over a failed relationship, and the dolphin tattoo you received on spring break years ago—at least up till now—are a few examples. Similarly, ephemeral tattoos are implemented using a needle and tattoo machine like their conventional counterparts would. Still, as their title indicates, they last a moment rather than a lifetime. 

What is an ephemeral tattoo?

A tattoo called an ephemeral employs a particular sort of biodegradable ink intended to fade subtly over a year. The concept of it revolves around the idea of ‘If there is no method of removing a tattoo successfully, why can’t there be one that fades?’ In this way, the idea of ephemerality was established. Hence, Ephemeral Tattoo opened its first site in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, after six years and more, with more than 50 different ink formulas and has since moved its business to Los Angeles. The company presently employs 30 seasoned tattoo artists at its two open studios, and a facility in San Francisco is on the way.

The benefits of an ephemeral tattoo

The obvious advantage? A piece of artwork that eventually fades, or makes it permanent if you want. This option is frequently more alluring (and less terrifying) for those who have never had a tattoo before. It may be that you are a novice who doesn’t know where to begin looking for an artist or that you are intimidated by the atmosphere of a tattoo parlor. 

How to prepare for an ephemeral tattoo

The preparatory procedure is relatively similar if you have ever had a traditional tattoo. To start, make an online appointment, fill out a form describing what you want and if required, upload reference photographs so that your artist can create a unique design. If you are getting a tattoo for the first time, we recommend eating something beforehand so that you feel nice and ready when you come in. Additionally, use loose-fitting clothing to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure and won’t struggle to re-cover the new piece with fitted clothes. 


To ensure that there are no issues, a member of Ephemeral’s customer experience team will walk you through the whole aftercare presentation. In general, you will be given a hydrocolloid patch to wear over your tattoo when you go home, which you can change as your artist instructs after a few days. A trustworthy medical-grade adhesive bandage, like Saniderm, is an alternative. With Saniderm, you may get back to your routine more quickly and without the hassle or stress of standard aftercare. It also protects your tattoo from contaminants and covers the region from unwelcome friction and lets the body control its moisture levels. Additionally, it saves time by removing the requirement for daily tattoo maintenance and cleaning. As a result, tattoo healing is enhanced, made more efficient and effective. Eventually, your tattoo will peel once you’ve entered the “safe” zone and at this point, you do not have to constantly watch over it. Simply maintain cleanliness, stay hydrated, and dress accordingly for maximized comfort during this process!

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