Eric Preciado-Nunez Is Churning Out More Influential People Every Day

Everyone around the world wants to have a huge influence. May it be for a brand or a person. There are many people who want to have a great fan following. In this digital age, social media is a great way to build influence. Eric Preciado-Nunez is helping many people all over the world to build influence. To be honest, he is churning out influential people every day.

He is in partnership with BJ Klock, the Chief Executive Officer of Advisight. The company Advisight helps the members attract loyal fans that create ubiquitous brands. The company’s revolutionary neuroscience research creates the advanced advertising insight, “Advisight”, that produces brand equity that influences.

Eric helps to build the company. Both Eric and Klock try to stay ahead of the game and use technology that screams success. Many digital agencies claim to show results, but Advisight speaks with its work.

Before being a part of Advisight, Eric was a surgical technologist in San Diego, California during 2017. He helped conduct many operations. But soon he invested most of his earning into learning about digital marketing and the ever-changing market.

He made many sacrifices to be where he is right now. Eric jumped from a well-established career to a shaky career path. He took the risk. But it is paying off now. When asked whether he regrets his decision, he refused. He believes that without taking risks nobody can move ahead in life. Eric has now become an expert in creating influential people with the help of Advisight.

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