Facebook and YouTube Censor the Whistleblower’s Name

A whistle blower is a person who brings to notice a scandalous secret, regarding an organization or government. Recently, the internet was in a hullabaloo. It was because companies like Facebook and YouTube were censoring the name of the whistleblower in the Trump-Ukraine Scandal.

The scandal was blown out of proportion when the Trump Supporters took to Twitter and unleashed a chain of uncontrollable events. And many user accounts took to Twitter to disclose the name of the whistleblower.  This happened on Facebook as well.

Though the whistleblower’s name has been spread in many places online — including the widely-read Drudge Report, Facebook made a statement that publishing the name on its platform violated their “coordinating harm policy”. Even YouTube is also following Facebook’s step. It has censored videos that include the name of the whistleblower. These two media giants do not want to be a part of the scandal.

But on Saturday, Twitter was the only major social network which was against the percolation of the name of the whistleblower on the internet. It was one of the firsts to resist the change. But still users felt free to publish the name of the alleged whistleblower, which is a shame after all the steps that the media giant took.

Candace Owens and Donald Trump, Jr., are huge Twitter users. But they were also a part of the revealing of the name. This event became viral on social media.

But Twitter condones this. It made statement that was against the revelation of the name of the whistleblower. It said – “Per our private information policy, any tweets that include personally identifiable information about any individual, including the alleged whistleblower, would be in violation of the Twitter Rules.”