Fashion Designer, Ni’anah, Runs her Online Boutique “Ape District” to Introduce New Fashion Trends

Women often face restrictions in living their dream life and they usually give up on fulfilling their dreams amid their journey. But some women are born with a resolution in their minds to shine high. Ni’anah is one such woman who is setting new standards in the fashion designing and entrepreneurial world.

Born on 5 February 1999 in Miami, the USA, Ni’anah is running her online boutique “Ape District” where she sells all sorts of stylish items. The list of items on her online boutique includes sportswear, workout wear, and other essential accessories that people require in their daily routines.

Ni’anah has been running her online boutique for around a decade. She has faced many ups and downs in her career but nothing prevented her from achieving her dream goal of being an entrepreneur. It is her strong will, determination, and dedication that separate Ni’anah from other common women.

Ni’anah doesn’t just believe in making a profit but she aspires to revolutionize the fashion industry with her passion for fashion designing. She continues to introduce new fashion trends and it is making her rise high in her entrepreneurial career.

Until 2020, Ni’anah had an estimated net worth of $1.5 million with the inclusion of her assets, money, and income. She mainly focuses on her career as a fashion designer, and social media sensation. At just the age of 22, Ni’anah has accumulated a good fortune but it has not stolen modesty out of her life.

She continues to live a simple and modest lifestyle and she inspires everyone with her works. Ni’anah has a height of 5 feet 10 inches and her body measurements are 32-24-27 inches with light & dark brown hair. Ni’anah has a weight of 155 lbs and she is a rising name in the social media world.

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