Filing a DBA Anywhere in the U.S: Your Complete Guide

Are you looking for guidance on how to set up a DBA for your company? Then check out the following:

Does the state matter?

Yes, it does matter as to which state you live in, because there are different laws and requirements for each state. However, there are three states that you cannot file a DBA in and that is Kansas, South Carolina and New Mexico. In order to see how to file a DBA in your state, check out the state DBA guide.

How do I register a DBA in my state?

It is all down to the business you run and where you live. However, what is generally required is to file the DBA with your state or with the county clerk’s office. Bear in mind that there are several states that require you to register your DBA with more than one level of government. This also depends on whether your business is as a structure of a small business or a sole proprietor.

What do I need to consider for a DBA?

What really matters is having a good name for your business. It could be either a trade name or fictitious name for example. It isn’t your legal name for your business, it is what you would consider a nickname. You have to consider that in most states it is required for you to register all names, which also means your DBA. 

Should I get a DBA?

If you want to use a clever marketing tool in order to attract more clients, then you should definitely consider getting a DBA. Not only that, but if you have more than one service or product that you can offer as a business, then you can branch out your business by using a DBA.