Financial Trader Komey Tetteh Is Now Thinking Global

BusinessĀ  investor and financial trader Komey Tetteh became a freelance hedge fund trader in 2017. Earlier he worked with different institutions and displayed his talent consistently giving superior results. Currently he is working on the institutional trader gap project. Through this project he enables the traders to directly interact with the markets. He uses the advanced bridge technology to get the traders diverse and earn in the financial markets.

Through this project the middleman from the trading is removed completely. The traders are thus dealing with having direct liquidity terminals. The clients now have access to something that only was with the privileged to earn more wealth. The relationships have been built over the years in the financial market and that comes in handy here. The professional traders now interact with the market directly to earn their profits.

Tetteh worked at a desk for one of the big accounting firms. Soon the investor realized he was meant for bigger and better things. He started from really humble beginnings and always knew wealth cannot be made sticking to a job at the desk. He had to take a bigger leap with complete faith to achieve better income.

By 2010, Komey Tetteh was investing in the stock market. He built a multi-year track record and then started managing portfolios growing to multi-millions by 2022. 2020 was the year that saw Tetteh invest in various projects, start-up companies to expand and grow his business investing portfolio extensively. Recently the businessman has acquired residency in Dubai. Through this he aims to go global.

Tetteh can be joined in his venture by other investors too through his bespoke alpha offering. The needs of your hedge fund/business will be reviewed and then his trading strategies/portfolios will be incorporated to it to add value.

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