Floki Inu Is No More A Memecoin

With FLOKI’s awareness and acceptance growing it is not far when the price will hit heights. One knows not all the low-priced digital coins have their own white paper and a movement to get it listed on Coinbase. Floki Inu is gradually becoming an authentic business which will be more than how it is perceived currently as just a meme coin.

In the honor of Floki there is a community called the Floki Vikings which is behind a grassroots movement to get FLOKI listed on the popular Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN cryptocurrency exchange.

Core Members (twitter):





There have been petitions to have the token listed on Coinbase one of which has 28,379 signatures. Thus clearly one can say there is a veritable army, team of Vikings supporting this movement.

Popular demand had led Shiba Inu to make it available for trading on Coinbase.com and in the Coinbase Android and iOS apps. So there are favorable chances Floki can be soon available on Coinbase causing a huge move in the coin’s price. Even the token’s white paper states in boldface and all-caps that, “Floki Inu is not a meme coin. IT’S A MOVEMENT. A new cryptocurrency birthed by fans & members of the Shiba Inu community.”

The project behind the coin is working on 3 flagship utility projects including a non-fungible token (NFT) gaming metaverse named Valhalla, an NFT and merchandise marketplace named FlokiPlaces and a content/education platform being called the Floki Inuversity. Floki Inu is safely the most affordable coin which even if it only goes to a penny can make certain traders wealthy.

Twitter: @RealFlokiInu

Instagram: @realfloki_inu

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