Fortnite Downtime: Epic Games confirms what’s happening to Fortnite on October 22

Fortnite Chapter 2 new 11.01 update has finally released.

The Fortnite downtime is ongoing as the servers get updated to the latest 11.01 patch. Epic Games has spilled a few things the fans can expect from the new official Fortnite patch.

Surprisingly, the developer team has mentioned a specific reference about Fortnite ‘Save the World’ receiving new content while posting in the Reddit page of Fortnite ‘Battle Royale.’

This may probably be just an attempt to advertise the changes the team is introducing to the game’s original model that does not get anywhere close to the same support level of Fortnite ‘Battle Royale.’

There are few issues which have been reported since the release of Fortnite Chapter 2 and the developers have said that they’re looking into several of the major issues.

Recent messages put by Fortnite support officials confirm that they are currently probing bugs affecting FPS within Fortnite. Besides, there are chances that Epic Games may add new items and weapons as they did not add much in this category after launching new map.

The official patch notes rolled out during the Fortnite server downtime will include every major change that is being introduced in the game