Get Bitcoin Price In Real-Time Using Python

When it comes to dealing with highly dynamic resources like Bitcoin and relevant cryptocurrencies, it is very important to understand the definite values and constraints that will define your strategy, and the major part of that includes understanding the price point valuation of the coin at different intervals of time. The price of the coin indeed varies at very frequent intervals, and that means that you will have to rely on a lot of tools and accessories to make sure that you make the right trading choices, and that is exactly what this article will help you with. 

There are a lot of tools and services that one can use to achieve the same, but one of the most prevalent ones is the use of programming softwares like Python, Java, to create an environment within which you can understand the price difference in the coin in the market. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the oldest and greatest kinds of cryptocurrencies that was created and released by a man by the name, Satoshi Nakamoto. He fabricated the whole of the software for the functioning of the bitcoin network during the great recession and released it as open-source software in 2009, as per Bitcoin News. Bitcoin is a digital currency whose price exchange valuation was altered by the presence and absence of investors in the network. So the more the investors in the network, the more the exchange rate prices would vary. 

Bitcoin was considered as a project that failed miserably in the beginning, but it was just a misunderstood network which had a huge potential in developing the financial market situation. Now many of the countries are considering the blockchain-based design of Bitcoin to implement it in their networks and get a valuable stock out of their financial situations. 

How to Get Bitcoin Value by Using Python?

When it comes to considering the price of Bitcoin, it is very important to understand the fact that you must have complete knowledge on the price fluctuations of the market and this will help you in developing a proper strategy to trade with the coin and reap the maximum benefits of your investments in the market. 

You can also create an environment for yourself by using a famous programming software like the Python to keep track of the Bitcoin value. Python is one of the most sophisticated programming software that is used these days for any type of system environment creation, and the same can also be implemented to get the Bitcoin value using the same. 

Programming part:

  1. Get the request library from python library files; this will help you in embedding the URL of the page from where you are trying to fetch the data of the Bitcoin value from. 
  2. Get the URL of the ticker to make sure that your program reads the .json files of the cryptocurrencies. 
  3. Create a main function that will return the value of the cryptocurrency, in our case, the bitcoin price, and write a program accordingly. 
  4. Once you have created the function, make sure that you test the function so that it is returning the value of the Bitcoin value at that specific time. 
  5. Once the trial is done, all you have to do is create the main function, include the ticker information, and print the value change when the data in the API changes, and you are done with the programming. 
  6. All you have to do is now run the main program and get the results. 

And this is how you get the value of the Bitcoin using programming in Python. There are always several other methods that you can implement to get the same output and the way you program is totally up to you.

How Can We Predict the Bitcoin Price With Python?

You can predict the usage of the Bitcoin with the help of Python by creating an automated environment that is supported with the help of Artificial neural networks and integrate appropriate library files into the same and create the environment. Some of the libraries that needs to be installed in the pip files include;

  1. Keras
  2. Matplotlib
  3. Numpy 
  4. Pandas
  5. Sklearn 

All these library files will help you with developing a network system within Python with which you can make Bitcoin Predictions. There is no specific way that is there to create the same; the only requirement is that you have the above-mentioned library files and construct the same. 


When it comes to creating a system using python programming, there are a lot of ways with which you can get the job done as there are many ways in which you can structure your code. The trick lies in properly arranging the code and getting it to return the actual value that you are expecting.

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