Google confirms ‘eyes open’ setting for Pixel 4 face unlock in future update, offers workaround

Google has lived up to its promise by announcing that the Pixel 4 and 4 XL flagships will receive an update in the coming months to surpass the ‘eyes open’ detection fault on their face unlock system.

Just like the latest Apple iPhone variants, the Google Pixel 4 features a Face ID with an array of sensors to help you unlock the phone. However, the feature was recently found to have a flaw which lets a person unlock the smartphone even when their eyes are completely shut.

Unlike the other Android phones which provide facial unlock by using the front shooter, the Google Pixel 4 utilizes sensors including one Dot projector and one infrared sensor. Google claims that its hardware meets the safety and security needs as a powerful biometric. It can be utilized for app authentication and payments including banking applications, the company added.

With that being said, the alarming eye detection fault does affect the Pixel 4 security as it allows the facial unlock system to work without even identifying the eyes of the users.

Well, one will have to wait for the company to release the new software update to fix the issue and protect its user security.