Google Maps adds more Waze-like features, including driving-incident reports

Google recently made an announcement about introduction of an array of new Waze-like features which will let drivers use the Maps application on iOS for reporting speed traps, traffic jams and accidents. And on Android and iOS both, the users will now have the ability to report about other driving dangers as well as incidents, such as lane closures, road construction, debris on road and disabled vehicles. These all are major Waze features as well as a main reason why several users choose Waze than Google Maps.

Google had offered speed trap, traffic slowdown and accident reports already on Android earlier. However, these new updates are a stable release of Waze-similar features to Google Maps application.

Google is trying to get back users to using its Maps application over Waze with the help of these new additions. However, Waze still proves to be a better choice when it comes to planning your trip as it connects to your Facebook events or personal calendar. Google Maps instead has concentrated more on aiding users plan out their commutes. Besides, Waze is also more social as well as includes one carpooling service as well.

Well, one will have to wait and see if the additions really help Google to grab more users to Maps.

As per the company, the new Maps features will begin rolling out on Android as well as iOS globally this week.