Google Pixel 4 drops from 90Hz refresh rate when you lower the brightness

Apart from the astrophotography capabilities and Soli Sense chip, the Google Pixel 4 features another signature feature, a 90Hz ‘Smooth Display.’ However, early testers have discovered that the 90Hz display of the Pixel 4 drops to the regular 60Hz in case of low brightness levels.

The reviewers online got to try the Pixel 4 after the “Made by Google” event held previous week. The experiences that they shared about the new Google flagship have remained inconsistent. Meanwhile, Google began shipping the phone for users across the globe this week and the developers have begun their quest of understanding their new device better.

It seems like one redditors has determined the trigger for when the phone’s ‘Smooth Display’ option decided to not use the 90HZ of refresh rate. In the testing, the developers Pixel 4 switched to 60Hz when the brightness of the phone was set to 75 percent or less. And around the same level of brightness, the phone switches over to another different screen calibration setting. Other factors seem to also be involved, as another person said that their phone stayed at 90Hz in low levels of brightness but extremely high level of ambient light. This pretty much hints at the chances of the ‘Smooth Display’ having some association to the phone’s Ambient EQ functionality.

Well, we will arrive at a proper answer to this issue as the developers experiment with the Google Pixel 4 further.