Helpful Tips By Successful Stuntman Bryan McCoy On How To Get Into Stunt Life

Stunt life isn’t for everyone. It may look badass on screen and everyone may want to do it, but it is hard and needs proper training. If you are an actor and want to add extra skill to your resume, then stunt life isn’t for you. While you can take a crash course in stunts, there is still so much to learn. Bryan McCoy who is an actor as well as a successful Stuntman reveals what’s needed to follow a stunt-life.

Bryan McCoy was raised in a family of racers. His grandparents were racers, and his grandfather created the first race track in his hometown. Since then Bryan had been into racing and stunts. He looked up to Evil Knievel as a kid, and once he also tried to fly like Superman. Bryan forged his way into the stunt-life. He left home when he was 18 and took stunt gigs here and there.

After 4 years of struggle, he landed his first movie even though it was a low-budget one. Since then Bryan has been in the stunt business. He has some knowledge to share. His first tip is to regard stunts as an art form like acting. Like acting needs dedication and practice, stunts also need hard work.

Secondly, Bryan recommends actors/ aspiring stuntmen to get trained from a trustworthy Stuntman or school. Bryan McCoy is the founder of Real McCoy Stunts, and they help with training you people for stunts.

Thirdly, Bryan believes that stunt-life is not a passing fancy. He wants people to be serious about stunts. It is not a life you just “get into”. You need to be passionate about adventure, so you can enjoy your stunts and not fear them.

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