How Alfredo Barulli Leverages His Instagram Following to Travel the World

Have you ever heard of Alfredo Barulli? Probably not. But you should, because he’s a savvy entrepreneur and Instagram influencer with over one million followers!

Amazingly, his massive follower base has enabled him to travel the world for free, thanks to luxury hotels, resorts, fine dining restaurants and even tourism and government authorities that invite him—and pay for it—in exchange for content. And when he’s there, Alfredo pitches them media placements and verification. Let’s dive into how he does it!

The Power of Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers are powerful tools for marketing campaigns—and companies know it. They understand that partnering with an influencer can give them access to a large audience and help their brand gain visibility. That’s why luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants have begun inviting influencers like Alfredo Barulli to stay in their establishments in exchange for content they can use in their marketing efforts.

And Alfredo knows how to work this system effectively. He knows that when these companies google him (which they invariably do before they decide to partner with someone), they need to see what makes him special—what makes him worth having as an ambassador of their brand or establishment. That’s why he founded 10X Experts; a business that helps entrepreneurs and brands get press features and social media verification so they can become the #1 influencer in their industry.

On top of this, Alfredo also offers sponsorship opportunities on his own Instagram page; a great way for brands to gain exposure from his deep pool of followers. So when people google his name now, the first thing they will see is his impressive resume full of press features and social media verification marks. This is what sets him apart from other influencers who don’t have such accomplishments under their belt—and why luxury hotels are willing to pay for the privilege of working with him!


Alfredo Barulli is a living proof that leveraging your online presence can open up amazing opportunities – even if you don’t start out as an already established influencer with millions of followers! By utilizing the power of social media platforms like Instagram and focusing on building trust through press features and social media verification marks (rather than just buying tons of followers), anyone can become a successful digital ambassador like Alfredo Barulli. What will you do?.

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