How To Fix The Static IPV4 Problem in Windows 10

In the recent updates of Windows 10, Technical Preview built 10049 and later, there has been a bug arise which doesn’t allow us to set the static IP address in the Network Adapter. Well in the Microsoft technet the representative mentioned it that they have disabled the UI feature of the properties box for TCP/ipv4 on a temporary basis but we hope that they will restore it back to the next build or in the RTM version.

In our previous post, Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview Build 10056 we did mention that there might be many bugs in this build as this is just the technical preview edition and not the final build. Perhaps after installing this new build 10056, I thought that the Network IPV4 properties grayed out thing would have been fixed already after the 10049 and 10051 build. But to my bad luck it wasn’t fixed yet, so I thought of finding a solution and to my luck, I recalled my old basic computing classes where we were taught to input the static IP details using the command prompt. Finally, I had no problem in feeding the details in the IPV4 and the DNS in the Network Properties box.


How to fix the TCP/IP properties button and input the details manually:

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as Administrator

Windows-10-network-problem (2)

Step 2: Type this to change the IPv4 address, IPv4 Subnet Mask, and IPv4 Default Gateway.

netsh interface ip set address “Ethernet” static

And then press enter

This will feed the values in the properties itself.

Windows-10-network-problem (4)

Note: You can change with your default IPv4 address and with your IPv4 Default Gateway provided to you by your ISP.

Step 3: Type the following to change the Primary DNS server details.

netsh interface ip add dns “Ethernet”

And then press Enter

Do not worry if it shows incorrect, it will be fed.

Step 4: Type the following to change the Secondary DNS server details.

netsh interface ip add dns “Ethernet” index=2

And then press Enter

Windows-10-network-problem (1)

Now you have successfully configured your Network details with your Static IP address provided by your ISP. Happy Surfing.

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