How To Get Premium Android Apps For Free

The Android operating system enjoys immense popularity with the majority of the world’s population using it. A large number of features provided by Android and the applications are the main reasons for the incredible popularity of the mobile operating system. Most of the applications available in the Android operating system can be downloaded for free. However, there are also paid apps that, in general, offer more fantastic features with the ad-free user experience. However, an Android user must spend a considerable amount of money to download and install a premium application on their Android smartphone.

You may have read our previous article how to root an Android smartphone without root where you can help your device block ads on free apps.

It would be perfect if you could download these paid applications for free. All right! When we talk about Android OS, everything is possible. We have a multitude of third-party Android applications that allow you to download these paid apps for free on your smartphone. However, the security of a third-party application cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is advisable to proceed at your own risk if you wish to use the applications provided below to download free paid apps on your Android smartphone.

Download Paid Android Apps For Free

If you think you need to root your Android smartphone or organize a particular requirement before downloading paid apps for free, leave immediately and drop those thoughts. To get the job done, all you need is your Android smartphone and all the apps listed below. Well! Enough to talk! Let’s start with the list of third-party Play Store apps that allow you to download paid apps for free on your Android smartphone.

Google Opinion Rewards

Earn From Google

If you’re looking for an authentic and reliable way to download paid apps for free on your Android smartphone, you’ll need Google Opinion Rewards, a mobile survey app developed by Google for Android and iOS. With this app, you participate and respond to surveys that award you reward credits. These reward credits can be easily used and redeemed to download a paid app from the Google Play Store. This application is, and its availability in 22 countries is a testament to its popularity.

Google Umfrage-App
Price: Free

1Mobile Market

1 Mobile Market Apk Download

This app has a fair collection of free and paid apps on Android. However, you can find applications, absolutely free, which are initially paid in the Google Play Store. If you think an application for 1Mobile Market is also available in the Google Play Store, you’re right, but we’re not talking about the Play Store version of this app. We are talking about the version of your website that presents you with an incredibly large collection of Android apps.

Download 1Mobile Market APK

Mobogenie Market

Mobogene Premium Apps For Free

This app has recently been removed from the Google Play Store because it violated several terms and conditions. This app can be described as an excellent update of the 1Mobile Market app. In addition to providing free, paid Android apps, it also gives you access to free eBooks, free paid music, pay movies and more. It also allows you to download YouTube videos directly to your Android device. Well! We now understand why the app has been removed from the Google Play Store.

Do you want to listen more? This application has a built-in file manager and a spam cleaner that prevents your Android smartphone from containing all useless and useless data that it may include. The Mobogenie market is available on its official website for download. If you are looking for an all-in-one application, Mobogenie meets your needs and serves you well. However, you should know that the app contains a fair share of the ads.

Download Mobogenie Market


Android paid apps

Aptoide is an excellent platform to download free paid apps for Android. Again, you will not find this app in the Google Play Store because it violates many terms and conditions. The user interface of Aptoide is identical to that of the Google Play Store for practical reasons. All you have to do is search for your favorite application, and you will get a list containing your application, as well as other similar apps that you can try. In addition, Aptoide allows you to create your app store and share them. Most of the applications mentioned in this list can also be easily downloaded from Aptoide.

Download Aptoid


android paid apps for freeGetAPK is another name in our list of applications that allows you to download free Android apps for payment. However, the GetAPK user interface can be quite complicated compared to other applications mentioned in this list. However, there is a definite fact about GetAPK, which contains almost all versions of the same application and not just the last one. This is extremely useful when the latest version is not compatible with your smartphone, and you need to download an earlier version of the same application.

Download GetAPK App


4shared app4Shared, like Mobogenie Market, does not only provide free and paid Android apps. However, it also has an excellent collection of Windows software, images, videos, music, pdf files, ebooks, and many other items. Note that the files are downloaded by the users themselves in the 4Shared cloud. The advantage of using this app is that it is also available on the Play Store. In fact, 4Shared does not support hacking and publicly hosts applications and files downloaded by users. Note that you must create an account on 4Shared to use the application. The only drawback of this application is the lack of spam filter and the fact that many people download fake files through the application, which generates a large amount of spam.

Price: Free


9 app apkUC browser users must have heard of this application. 9Apps contains many games and other apps that you can download for free on your Android smartphone. Directly download 9Apps APK on your smartphone and install it. Launch the application, and you will see a list of the best paid Android applications and games that you can download for free. A search bar is also provided to allow you to search directly for the desired application.

Download 9Apps APK


appstore apkThis application is available in Chinese or Japanese, but you can easily use a translation application and translate it into English. This application has a lot of paid Android applications that are available to download, absolutely free. Therefore, be sure to check AppStore.VN or AppVN in a few words.

Download AppStore VN

Download paid apps for free for Android devices

Thanks to all the guys and girls who took the time to read this post. We hope you have found the app you are looking for by downloading a third-party Play Store from this list. If you have questions in mind, do not hesitate to ask them by mentioning them in the comments section provided below.