How To Root LeEco Le 2 and Install TWRP Recovery

We have recently purchased LeEco Le 2 and we can say this device is indeed a wonderful smartphone which gets your work done instantly without any lag. In this article, we will let you know how to root LeEco Le 2 and install TWRP recovery which will open more hidden doors for accessing your device to its core.

LeEco LeTv Le 2 is one of the advanced and powerful budget devices which has 16 MP rear camera and we can bet that it gives a rich images when clicked, the front camera being 8 MP is not up to the mark but it does the work pretty well also the 3 GB ram and octa-core snapdragon processor makes its a very powerful device to work with. LeEco has pre-installed many bloat-wares which aren’t of much use for daily usage and it consumes the battery which makes it long last a day, but here we want to root the device and uninstall those unwanted applications which are installed by the company and we do not require it resulting it in more battery backup and smooth user experience.

So, in this tutorial, we are going to explain how to root LeEco Le 2 and install TWRP recovery which will also let you install custom ROMs and custom kernels that are already available and we will test and post them with a complete review for you.

To root LeEco Le 2 you will require certain things like unlocking the bootloader and then installing TWRP recovery that will then let you install Supersu(rooting app) which is the primary resource of the entire procedure. Please read the guide carefully and take a backup of your personal data before proceeding.

DISCLAIMER : Techolite and its authors are not responsible if you brick your device. It is your own responsibility if your device doesn’t reboots or is stuck at the booting logo. Please be advised to be careful before proceeding any further. Remember that rooting your device void’s the warranty.

How To Root LeEco Le 2 and Install TWRP Recovery


  1. ADB Driver – Download it from here or read the guide from here
  2. ADB Tool & TWRP Recovery – Download it from here
  3. Rooting App – SuperSu


  1. Enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking on your LeEco Le 2
    • Go to Settings> About> Build number and tap it 7 times to unlock Developer options. leeco letv le 2 rooting guide
    • Enable USB debugging by Settings> Developer Option> USB Debuggingleeco letv le 2 oem unlocking
    • Enable OEM to unlock by Settings> Developer Option> OEM Unlocking leeco letv le 2 usb debugging
  2. Extract and right click on ADBDriverInstaller.exe and run as an administrator
  3. Extract Le 2 ADB Recovery and keep it on desktop

How To Install TWRP Recovery On LeEco Le 2

  1. Connect your smartphone to your Laptop/Pc using USB Cable
  2. Now open the extracted  Le 2 ADB Recovery folder from your desktop
  3. Inside the folder press and hold shift key then right click and select “Open Command Window here”adb recovery screenshot
  4. Now on the command prompt, type this command and hit enter.
    adb devicesrooting leeco le 2
  5. Now type bellow command and hit enter adb reboot bootloaderbootloader letv le 2
  6. Now type this command and hit enter to unlock the bootloader

    fastboot oem unlock-go

  7. Once this finish your device bootloader unlocked. To check whether its unlocked run this command

    fastboot oem device-infoleeco le 2 oem unlocker

  8. Now you need to flash TWRP, so run this command( make sure recovery.img file is in ADB Folder)

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

  9. Don’t unplug the device now
  10. Press and hold Volume Up + Power button until it shows LeEco logo, once it show just release the buttons
  11. Once you see the recovery menu change the language to English by tapping on the Settings menu and then select the Globe icon and select English > then tap the second button to apply the new language
  12. Now Tap on Wipe in the TWRP main menu, then tap Format data to format your device
  13. You need to type “yes” to format your data
  14. Now go back to the main menu and select Backup and select everything and backup
  15. Reboot your device to System now

Congratulations now you have successfully installed TWRP recovery on your LeEco Le 2. Now the next step is to root your device to give root privileges to your newly flash device.

How To Root LeEco Le 2 and Install SuperSu

  1. Copy the to the internal memory of your device
  2. Turn off your LeEco Le 2 and boot to TWRP recovery by pressing Volume Up Button + Power Button together until you feel the vibration or the LeEco Logo comes up
  3. Once the TWRP main menu shows up then go to Install > select the and swipe to flash
  4. Reboot your device to system

TWRP Screenshots

leeco le 2 root checker

Congratulations now you have rooted your LeEco Le 2 successfully, to check if the root privileges are there or not, install root checker app from Google Play Store.

Root Checker
Price: Free

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