HTC’s Latest Blockchain Phone Can Run a Full Bitcoin Node

HTC has launched a new blockchain phone called Exodus 1s at this year’s Lightning Conference held in Berlin. The device can enable a user to support bitcoin network.

HTC claims that it’s the company’s first smartphone having the ability to run one complete bitcoin mode. This will in turn allow the device to generate transactions as well as blocks anywhere, said HTC.

As per Phil Chen, HTC’s Chief Decentralized Officer, complete nodes form the most significant ingredient when it comes to resilience of bitcoin network. As such, the company has reduced this barrier for any individual who wants to run full bitcoin node with the new device, Chen added.

The Exodus 1s will be available in the market at a price tag of $244. Well, this is about one third the cost of the previous Exodus 1 smartphone. The company will be selling the device at the conference with the help of Lightning payment service.

The new handset allows the users to use one 400+ GB micro SD card for expanding its memory. This allows the device to cope up with the rising data capacity which is needed to store in the complete bitcoin node. As per Blockchain, the present size of an entire bitcoin ledge closes at 250 GB.