Independent Artist Modo Talks About His Journey That Led Him to Music

Having successfully released his latest 5 song EP titled “Pale Skin”, independent artist Modo, born Sean Jones, reminisces his past that has been a major influencer of what he is today.

Hailing from a small town of Independence, Kansas City, Modo has been dreaming of entering the world of music ever since the young age. But only dreams cannot make reality. It took a lot more than just dreams to reach the stage he currently stands on.

For him, it was the tragic death of his younger brother Chris that prompted him to pursue his love for hip-hop and music in general, with the goal of not just creating music he liked but also establishing a legacy that would be beneficial to anybody who listens.

There have been many more incidents that continuously added up to push him some more. There’s been a lot of highs and lows that have guided Modo’s development, from studying the industry both artistically and business-wise to learning how to promote and manage things locally, as well as learning how to discover and cultivate his sound and voice.

Talking about his latest EP, Pale Skin is a 5 song album, that is focused on finding the grey area in life, where genuine balance and serenity reside. The team behind this album include producers Zuri, Pale1080 and DillyGotItBumpin, and featured verses from fellow KC artists K.DEE and BlacKoncept, and Indianapolis based artists Ty Luv the MC and Isaiah XB.

You can reach out to the artist on his Instagram handle – @modomusic94. His music and album can be listened on all popular platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and much more.

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