India to Step Up to Find the Originator of Facebook and WhatsApp Messages

India is taking a step further to determine the originator of messages using Facebook and WhatsApp medium. New Delhi is taking action more now to recommend a few regulations that would need assistance from the makers of Facebook and WhatsApp. It will be helping the Government identify the originators of messages.

Law enforcement will be identifying users who are posting content or receiving questionable texts with the use of these platforms. India is doing to file a few suggested changes to the intermediary liability rules to the apex court of the nation this month. The changes that are recommended are subjected to a few conditions that law enforcement has to submit in the court before they are put into usage or exercised.

According to a New Delhi-based advocate, it would not be straightforward to comply with such requirements made by the Government for all the offshore social media companies. WhatsApp executives had stated before that they are introducing end-to-end encryptions of all the users for meeting such demands.

They are further supporting this initiative and are working hard to ensure that proper security is put in place. However, the Government has not commented on this issue yet. It would be interesting to see if the Government is supporting such initiative and what the court has to say on it. Well, you will have to stay tuned for more updates on the same. So watch out this space for more!