Industry Says Herculean Effort is Required to Prepare the UK for Shifting to Electric Cars

Industry groups have asserted that preparing the UK to shift to electric vehicles will take a lot of effort and it would come at huge costs. Recently, the UK government made a declaration regarding a ban on the sale of diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030. The sole motive of this move is to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050.

The UK government has revised its original target to make the UK carbon neutral by 10 years. Out of all the biggest challenges in implementing this plan, the major one is to grow the UK’s charging network. It is important to grow the electric charging stations in the UK to deal with the increasing sales of electric vehicles.

Change of Timeline and Mixed Opinions

There are mixed opinions on this subject as some are suspecting the difficulties that the government would face in implementing this ban in the UK. Trade body the SMMT has urged that better incentives are required to cut the cost of cars to implement this plan effectively. However, AA president Edmund King says that it is possible to introduce the ban with the help of considerable investment and focus.

Initially, the ban was first announced in 2017 in a bid to clean up the city air and it was meant to come into effect in 2040. Later in February, the target was shifted to 2035 and now again the target has been revised to achieve it by 2030.

Allocation of Funds

Funds have been allocated for different purposes under this plan of banning diesel and petrol vehicles. 1.3 Bn pounds are given for the rollout of charge points for electric vehicles. 582 million pounds are allocated to those who would buy zero or ultra-low emission vehicles. The motive is to make them cheaper and allow people easy to transition.

Around 500 million pounds will be spent over the next four years for the mass production of electric vehicle batteries. Mike Hawes, the head of the Society of Motors Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT), has said that the success of this new plan will depend on the affordability of new vehicles by buyers.

Requirement of Optimal Efforts

There needs to be a fast implementation of plans in a reliable fashion and the major challenge in this context is to ensure a sufficient supply of charging stations. In order to replace millions of diesel and petrol vehicles, a lot of high-powered rapid or ultra electric car charging stations will be needed each year.

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